A journalist’s story of working, traveling and living in one of Central America’s most remote and dangerous landscapes, the cradle of Maya civilization.

    The intense beauty of the forest, the fantastic locales, ancient ruins, and the horrific violence of the jungle come to life in clear and compelling language.

Over a span of some thirty years, the author witnesses archaeological discoveries, the transformation of the Lacandon people, the Zapatista indigenous uprising in Mexico and increased drug trafficking, and she assists the uncovering of a war crime.

    The region’s great change, from a time when the jungle had virtually no roads and no visitors to the era of vacationers and adventure travelers who now arrive daily, is revealed in this unique exploration of the adaptation and resolve of a people.

Mary Jo is co-producer of, and wrote the original story for the prize-winning PBS documentary, Discovering Dominga.  Cine Golden Eagle, First Place Latino International Film Festival, First Place Bermuda International Film festival, and others. Shown to thousands of college students by professors every year.

“Powerful, descriptive, spiritual and


with fourteen original drawings of classic Maya images
 by Guatemala artist
Rene Ozaeta